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Audition 3 Dancers for "Blind Dancer " documentary film by Maria Lloyd
We are looking for 3 Brussels based professional contemporary dancers (all ages, gender and ethnicity welcome) to participate in a documentary dance film about Said Gharbi the professional blind dancer. He has worked with Ultima Vez for 6 productions and has his own dance company with Ana Stegnar (http://www.lesbgm.be/en/#nous).
The dancers we are looking for enjoy improvising and exploring sound patterns.
Improvisation inspired by Skinner Releasing technique led by Ana Stegnar will be included in the day and Choreography work with Antonia Grove from Uk and Maria Lloyd from Norway.
Please send a photo of yourself and a short video of you dancing or a link to a filmed dance piece to maria.lloyd@gmail.com
Interview and audition by Skype and in Brussels 1.
Fee 200 euro, filming in Studio Hybrid, Brussels.

Evening 2nd september
3rd sep 11h-16h
4th sep 9h-14h
5th sep 9h-14h
6th sep 9h-14h
Dancers from middle east and non European looking will have priority.


Maria Lloyd
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